Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blogger Day!

Good morning all you un-raptured people! Fortunately for most of you, due to still being here for the end times, your life comes with a giant dose of Live. Laugh. Love. which opens sooooon! Yay! Now, I know that I told you that I would be posting more information soon about this event, and guess what, here it is!

However, before I share the calendar let me first put out a disclaimer: This is just a preliminary calendar, and IS subject to change as new ideas are added to it. I WILL do my best to bring you those updates, but I may miss one or two.  

OK! Now with that being said, lets see what we have in store for all you sparkly people, eh?

Now, as you probably notice this schedule is JUST from the day the fair opens, so it completely misses out on a very special day for us, which just happens to start today. This day is BLOGGER DAY! Wooooo! You know, we really love our bloggers, and would LOVE for you to blog us! I mean, what better way to help us raise money for such an awesome cause, yeah? So, if you would be interested in blogging the fair, getting a sneak peak at some AWESOME new stuff (trust me, I flew around yesterday to many of the stores and had to hold myself back from buying anything before the rest of you XD) please contact Riley Sapphire in-world and she will add you to the group!!!

For the rest of you, please keep checking us out for more information about our opening date, May 23rd!!!

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