Sunday, May 22, 2011

:O Do you HEAR that?!

.....that's the sound of how excited we are to bring you the first inaugural Live. Laugh. Love. Fair which opens TOMORROW! Squee! Exciting. :D

Now, I had the pleasure of walking around the fair, and pretty much wanted to buy just about everything that was there. Our vendors have really outdone themselves!! Unfortunately I wasn't able to photo EVERY awesome thing from the fair... or even close to make a dent in it, but some of the things above I found and decided to make a mess and racket with. Each of the items (minus the magic balls from Giggle[box]) are from the charity vendors. Cosmic Scribbles did a whole blog on that and you can find that here.

Either way one thing is for sure, no matter if the store is one you shop at regularly or one you may not have heard of, you are allll in for a huge treat Tomorrow May 23 @ 4pm! 

If you are curious at all what is in the photo above:

On Avatar:
Dream Dolls- L.L.L. Patch PJ's 
Kewt Kids- Pocky Choco 
Lacie Cakes- Infinity Necklace

In Room:
Giggle[box]- Oops! Magic Balls (click to rezz balls and then click to clear)
Whimzie- Kitchen Drummer (this item is AWESOME and actually plays when you sit on it!)
Sprongwink- Madeline Book (She's got a ton of other awesome books out as well whos profit gets donated)
Larnia- Koala Laptop (I LOOOOVE this because you can actually surf the internet on it!!!!!)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blogger Day!

Good morning all you un-raptured people! Fortunately for most of you, due to still being here for the end times, your life comes with a giant dose of Live. Laugh. Love. which opens sooooon! Yay! Now, I know that I told you that I would be posting more information soon about this event, and guess what, here it is!

However, before I share the calendar let me first put out a disclaimer: This is just a preliminary calendar, and IS subject to change as new ideas are added to it. I WILL do my best to bring you those updates, but I may miss one or two.  

OK! Now with that being said, lets see what we have in store for all you sparkly people, eh?

Now, as you probably notice this schedule is JUST from the day the fair opens, so it completely misses out on a very special day for us, which just happens to start today. This day is BLOGGER DAY! Wooooo! You know, we really love our bloggers, and would LOVE for you to blog us! I mean, what better way to help us raise money for such an awesome cause, yeah? So, if you would be interested in blogging the fair, getting a sneak peak at some AWESOME new stuff (trust me, I flew around yesterday to many of the stores and had to hold myself back from buying anything before the rest of you XD) please contact Riley Sapphire in-world and she will add you to the group!!!

For the rest of you, please keep checking us out for more information about our opening date, May 23rd!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Inaugural Live. Laugh. Love. Opening May 23, 2011


Welcome to the official blog of the Live. Laugh. Love. Family Fair. As the opening date gets closer we are getting more and more excited for what we have in store for you! I am sure many have maybe heard whispers or rumors about what great things our store owners are creating, and its all TRUE!! But let me take a minute to tell you WHO is actually going to be at this event and why we are holding it anyway.

The fair will be set up with in different levels, but thanks to an awesome layout everything should be easy to find and easy to browse.

When you teleport in you will be greated by:

L.L.L. Store Sponsors:
Giggle[box], Inner Peace, and Whimzie

VIP stores
Amame, Babydolls Boutique, Sprinkwing's Bookstore, Candii Kitten, Chelsea's Children's Clothes, Cozy, Hopskotch, Gliteratti, LacieCakes, Larnia, Pixel Fusion/Celebrationz, and Sassafras. 

The build then fans out to offer you:

Abby Lane, Absolute Girls, Aura's, Baby Couture, CANDY, Chunky Monkey, Crackberry, Dream Doll, Eyeama,  Label Me Inc., Little Miss Chatterbox, Next Gen Inc., NYOP, Oodles, and Rawr Muffins. 

Acide!, Lullabies, Cutie Booties, LVS Kids, FairyTale Gardens, Foursquare, Glorious Insanity, Incredible Edibles, Love Always, Pocket Full of Poses, and Skip to My Lou, Glitterbugs.

Cadybugs, E-Kidz, Emjay Kids, Kewt Kids,ForeverYoung, All About Families, Tiny Space

Don't know about you, but we are so excited about every single store and store owner in this line-up!!! 

And while we are excited to celebrate all our talented content creators and the amazing items that their creative minds bring to our Second Lives, at the end of the day we cannot forget WHY we are actually holding this. A lot of thought and consideration went into this brainchild of Cindy, Lishi, and Riley, and it is our pleasure that for the inaugural fundraiser, L.L.L will support a really amazing organization called

My Stuff Bags Foundation is an organization that reaches out to abused teens, infants and children of ALL races and ALL ethnicities. The My Stuff Bags Foundation provides new belongings for children being cared for by agencies nationwide, including: child and family social services agencies, drug and law enforcement agencies, crisis shelters, shelters for battered women, homeless shelters, foster care agencies, residential care facilities, and CASA organizations (Court Appointed Special Advocates). They offer them that little piece of comfort needed to make the child feel okay.  (I URGE you to watch this video to learn more:

We have so much more information and exciting things to tell you about, but you will have to check back soon to get that. :) Can't wait to see you when the doors open!